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Some Delicious Lagers and Pilsners

6 Dec

Lagers are the most consumed type of beer in America but unfortunately, that’s not for good reason.  Bud, Miller, and Coors have such a wide market penetration (and low prices) that they provide what is the default beer for nearly anyone at a bar or house party.  It’s really an unfortunate situation though considering there are many lagers and pilsners in the world that taste much better than what is produced by the big three.  These are often overlooked by craft beer drinkers probably due to the fact that when one does decide to branch out and drink good beer, he tends to try to get as far away from the old, watery standards he used to drink.  Below is a short list of some great craft pilsners and lagers to help you explore a less common branch of the craft beer world.

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Jim Koch on Competition in the Craft Beer Industry

30 Nov
Boston Beer's Jim Koch

Jim Koch of Boston Beer believes the craft beer industry will fail or succeed together

“As a craft brewer in America, after 27 years we’ve finally gotten to 1 percent market share, so my competition is not craft brewers because we’re all going to succeed or fail together. My real competition is ignorance and apathy. I’m about creating an appreciation of good beer, educating people about it and teaching them to treat it with respect. If I can do those things, I can succeed.” -Jim Koch

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Sam Adams Returns to its Craft Roots

29 Nov
Sam Adams lineup of 4 small batch brews

High ABV, specialty ingredients, and some experimentation describe these small-batch brews from Sam Adams

Sam Adams is a brewery that has taken a step beyond its microbrew beginnings and is sold nationwide in nearly every beer retailer from gas stations to your local bottle shop.  Still technically a craft brewery, it’s not the first brand to come to mind when thinking of specialty beers due to its rapid growth and fantastic success throughout the country.  With branding being ever more important when dealing not just with beer, but nationally recognized and widely available beer, Sam Adams decided to remind the craft beer drinkers of their roots and release a line of 4 small batch creations that are mysteriously absent from their website.

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