The Right Glass for your Next Home Brew

15 Dec
beer glasses

The right glass can add quality to any beer

It’s true, most people reading this would drink a craft beer or homebrew out of a paper cup and be perfectly satisfied.  But beer has been around a long time, and over that time brew masters, scientists, and engineers have designed, tested, tweaked, and redesigned glasses that are made to perfectly complement a particular beer style.  For example, snifters allow barleywines to be swirled and oxygenated while wheat beer glasses have a wide base to trap yeast; so it would be a shame to allow years of research and fine tuning to go to waste, plus having the right glass for your homebrew could add some quality, not to mention it will look like you know what you’re doing.  Check out the list below to educate yourself on which glasses go with which beers.

Weizenbier Glass (Wheat Beer Glass) – Hefeweizens and Wheat Beers

wheat beer glass

Generally 0.5 liters, these glasses are used for Hefeweizens because the tapered glass allows yeast to become trapped in the base while the top of the glass is big and open to allow room for a thick, full head commonly found in wheat beers.

American Pint Glass – American Lagers or Ales

stone pint glass

The most common beer glass in America. Holds 16oz. and is a basic and versatile glass used for all varieties of beer.

English Pint Glass – English Ales and Lagers

english pint glass

An Imperial pint (20 oz.), the English Pint Glass with a curved lip design and is commonly found at British or Irish pubs.

Imperial Pint Glass – Irish Stouts, Irish Ales, Porters, Red Ales, Cream Ales, and English Ales

imperial pint glass

Also used widely throughout England and Europe, 20 oz. and perfect for many types of beer

Pilsner Glass – Light Lagers and Pilsners

pilsner glass

Straight, evenly tapered and often slightly smaller than a standard pint.  The glass is designed to showcase the clarity and effervescence of Pilsners and Lagers.

Flute – Pilsner, Eisbock, Gueze, Lambics, Lagers, Weizenbock

beer flute glass

Similar to a Pilsner Glass, a flute is used with very light and highly carbonated beers or Belgian Lambics and fruit beers.

Goblet or Chalice – Strong Ales, Dubbel, Trippel, Quadruppel

goblet chalice

Large, stemmed bowl shaped glasses perfect for serving heavy Belgian ales, German doppelbocks, and other big sipping beers.  Some chalices are etched on the bottom to provide a stream of carbon dioxide for maintaining a nice head.

Tulip – Belgian Strong Ales, Dubbels, Scottish Ales, Barleywines, Fruit Ales and Lambics

tulip beer glass

The bulbous lower half of the glass helps trap the aroma while the immediately widening top of the glass maintains head throughout the imbibery.  Most commonly found with Belgian Strong Ales.

Stange – Alt Bier, Kolsch, Lambics, Bocks, Pilsners

stange beer glass

Also known as a pole glass.  Simply designed and easy to drink from.

Snifter – Barley Wines, Stouts, Dark Ales, India Pale Ales

beer snifter

Shaped to trap aromas and allow swirling to oxygenate the beer.  Used for strong, aromatic and flavorful brews.

Stein – Anything during Oktoberfest

It’s a mug with a lid, used for any type of beer during Oktoberfest. Prost!


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